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Helios (formerly Progressive Medical and PMSI)

Helios (formerly Progressive Medical and PMSI)

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Memphis, TN
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Helios, the new name for Progressive Medical and PMSI, is bringing the focus of workers’ compensation and auto no-fault pharmacy benefit management, ancillary services, and settlement solutions back to where it belongs – the injured party.

Service or Product Description

We believe in doing what’s right for our clients and injured workers. Our program helps clients achieve the lowest total program cost through more control and better outcomes.

Pharmacy Benefit Management
The vast majority of prescriptions are taken appropriately; however, that’s not always the case. Long-term utilization and the associated risks of misuse, abuse and addiction require a comprehensive clinical program to capture savings and ensure the injured worker receives the right drugs at the right time - every time.

Through our unique end-to-end pharmacy-to-payer solution, starting at the First Fill, we are able to capture more prescriptions and claim information in-network than any other workers' comp PBM – ensuring proper utilization, network savings and eliminating out-of-network hassles.

Doing what’s right for the injured worker and you.

Ancillary Services
Ancillary services from Helios provide both cost savings to you and personal care to injured workers. Our providers are ranked on service, location, quality care and injured workers are asked for feedback. And a single, coordinated plan yields reduced cost, less paperwork and fewer hassles.

Medical Equipment and Supplies
Home Health Care/Infusion Therapy
Language Services
Physical Medicine
Catastrophic Care Coordination
Diagnostic Services


White Paper

2015 Industry Perspective

Published in 02/23/2015 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

Our 2015 Industry Perspective is a reference guide that provides a synopsis of key legislative issues, pricing and reimbursement data by state, claims trends, and medical and pharmacy cost data.

Ancillary Awareness: Questions to Ask Before Buying Medical Equipment Online

Published in 01/09/2015 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

With more vendors selling medical equipment online, payers may turn to the internet to find a bargain. But sourcing equipment online brings risks. This white paper addresses the questions you should ask before purchasing medical equipment online.

Coding Systems: Understanding NDC and HCPCS

Published in 01/09/2015 in Claims Management category by Helios

NDC and HCPCS numbers are frequently encountered in claims. This paper explains what they are, why they’re important, and how they’re configured, as well as other information to help you understand them.

The Price of Compounded Medications

Published in 12/17/2014 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

In workers’ comp, compounded medications are typically prescribed as second or third line therapy, but over the years, their use as first line therapy has grown greatly along with costs, begging the question if financial incentives are more important

Safe and Appropriate Use of Opioids Begins at the Moment of Injury

Published in 09/15/2014 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

With increasing emergency room visits due to the misuse or abuse of opioid analgesics, a medication largely used in the workers’ comp industry, payers are seeking tools to reduce their misuse or abuse. Learn about the success of such a tool.

2014 Industry Perspectives - 3rd Quarter

Published in 09/01/2014 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

Check out the 2014 Third Quarter Industry Perspectives, which provides a quick reference of pharmacy state fee schedules and other industry data.

Ensuring Proper Management of Settlement Funds for Medicare Beneficiaries

Published in 09/01/2014 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

Professional administration of an MSA can mitigate (if not avoid altogether) settlement concerns that might arise while still protecting Medicare’s interests. A case study demonstrates how professional administration can protect everyone’s interests.

Prescriber Influence

Published in 08/04/2014 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

The increasing demand for medical care due to the Afford¬able Care Act has led to an expanded role for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. And our data has shown an increase in the number of opioid analgesics prescribed by NPs and PAs.

Medical Marijuana: Friend or Foe of Workers' Compensation?

Published in 07/01/2014 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Nelson Aragon, Pharm.D. and Robert Hall, M.D.

With numerous states legalizing medical marijuana, this paper reviews the research that has been done on it, and the opinions and concerns regarding its use by the medical community, the public, the insurance industry, employers, and the government.

Physician Dispensing: Dialogue, Data, and Collaboration Drive Positive Change

Published in 04/01/2014 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Helios

In 2013, key stakeholders in the workers’ compensation industry gathered to discuss physician dispensing. The consensus was that dialogue, data, and collaboration could drive positive change. Now a year later, this paper discusses what’s happened.

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