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Brokers looking for innovative solutions for today’s new and complex risks depend on Lexington Insurance, the largest U.S.-based surplus lines insurer and a property and casualty market leader.

Service or Product Description


Whether the property risk is a national enterprise or a neighborhood business, brokers need look no further than Lexington. Our underwriting and flexibility in form and coverage have allowed us to tailor primary and excess large limit solutions for most property needs and provide leading, innovative products for decades. Lexington Insurance can provide up to $1.5 billion in non-catastrophic commercial domestic capacity — one of the greatest capacities available in the marketplace today. This capacity, combined with Lexington’s risk management and property loss-prevention engineering services, enables policyholders with very high commercial property exposures to help protect the full breadth of their commercial property assets.


Lexington Insurance is a leading underwriter of general casualty risks, providing primary general liability, lead umbrella, follow-form excess liability, sexual misconduct liability, and law enforcement directors and officers insurance. Our exceptional underwriting flexibility and cutting edge risk management services have allowed us to grow and serve a wide variety of industry groups and risk classes for over 40 years. With financially strong capacity of up to $50 million available, Lexington can provide the invaluable peace of mind that comes only with an insurer that has the commitment and strength to manage casualty risks today and tomorrow.


For nearly 40 years, Lexington has been underwriting wide-ranging healthcare risks, providing cutting-edge risk management and exceptional claims service to help insureds protect their bottom line. Our knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry provide distinct advantages to our policyholders, which range from hospitals, to remote ambulatory facilities, from physicians to group practices, and to long term facilities. Our coverages run the gamut from medical professional liability to property insurance. Not only does Lexington provide a broad, flexible policy form to address the myriad of risks of the healthcare industry, we are also at the forefront in helping healthcare organizations meet one of the greatest challenges of the day: enhancing patient safety.


Lexington’s Programs division is one of the leading underwriters of program business in the United States, with a broad appetite and vast range of programs, from those created for standard commercial exposures to those created for complex, high-risk exposures. We have a proven record of more than 30 years of providing financially sound programs. We can write both large and small programs, national or regional in scope.

Cat Excess Liability

Cat Excess Liability is a global leader in catastrophic excess casualty and financial lines insurance solutions. Cat Excess Liability provides coverage excess of most domestic and international carriers and can provide policy terms and conditions to address individual needs. Various program structures and options can be entertained for virtually any class of business.

LexElite® Personal Lines

LexElite®, Lexington’s suite of personal lines insurance products, can provide coverage for exposures others cannot. Our underwriters are among the most technically proficient at analyzing the unique and complex needs of high-risk and high-value personal lines exposures. Available coverages include homeowners, personal umbrella/excess liability, personal inland marine, excess flood, vacant dwelling, and condos and tenants.

Captives/Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

Lexington’s Captives/ART unit provides another option for unique risks. Custom-designed policy forms, unique to each policyholder’s needs, are provided on a non-admitted basis, limiting the use of admitted paper for nonstatutory coverages. Captives/ART services are available for property and casualty coverages, and primary or excess coverage layers.

Industry Specific Solutions

Lexington has significant experience and expertise in key industry segments, which we consider breeding grounds of innovation. Through the focus on these market segments, we have cultivated an extraordinary understanding of the exposures of each. Our industry practice groups include: Construction, Energy, Healthcare, Higher Education, Public Entities, Real Estate, and Transportation.

Lexington Claims Advantage

Lexington’s policies are supported by our exceptional claims services. With an average of 18 years of experience, our claims professionals provide expert, comprehensive service — so policyholders receive efficient, timely responses.

Loss Prevention Services

At Lexington Insurance, we provide policyholders with more than just insurance. Lexington Insurance provides its insureds with the resources that can help prevent accidents and claims, so as to help reduce their exposures and costs.

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White Paper

Safety Technologies In The Trucking Industry

Published in 07/26/2012 in Risk Management category by Advisen and Lexington Insurance

In the not so distant past, it was only on television, in the movies or in our imagination that vehicles were equipped with artificial intelligence and able to drive by themselves.

The Gathering Front: New Realities of Terrorism Risk

Published in 03/01/2012 in Workers’ Comp & Disability category by Advisen and Lexington Insurance

Terrorism can occur anywhere in the world at any time; any person, business or country can be its target. Risk managers must secure businesses against some of the oldest forms of aggression, like piracy, as well as new threats, like cyber attacks.

Preemption and REMS: Evolving Risk Landscape for Generic Drug Manufacturers

Published in 01/25/2012 in Risk Management category

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2009 decision in Wyeth v. Levine has thrust a spotlight on the preemption doctrine in the pharmaceutical sector.

Anatomy of a Data Breach Disaster

Published in 01/25/2012 in Software / Technology category

Security incidents in which information is released to or accessed by unauthorized individuals, known as “data breaches,” are occurring with alarming frequency.

Managing Catastrophic Liability Claims and Litigation Observations of Experts in the Field

Published in 01/25/2012 in Risk Management category

To be properly protected at all times, a company needs a strong, tall tower of liability insurance, heavily weighted with capacity from an insurance organization that is willing and able to successfully defend complex claims and litigation.

Punitive Damages: Examining the Unpredictable

Published in 01/25/2012 in Legal Services category

Every company faces the possibility of paying punitive damage awards. The imposition of these awards, meant to “punish” a business for its conduct, is unpredictable and can threaten the very viability of an organization.

Products, Programs and Platforms

Published in 01/19/2012 in Insurance Products category

Successful programs fill unmet needs in niche markets. By focusing on emerging trends, programs cultivate and drive innovation in the property and casualty industry

Green and Sustainable Design Part II: Contractual and Risk Management Recommendations...

Published in 02/10/2011 in Industry Solutions category by Donna M. Hunt AIA, Esq., Valerie P. Onderka, and Sue E. Yoakum, AIA, Esq.

With design professionals leading the charge in the green and sustainable (G/S) design and construction process, prudent risk management has become more important than ever.

Winds of Change: The Shifting Landscape of Catastrophic Risk

Published in 06/14/2010 in Risk Management category by Brian Finlay; Sanjay Godhwani, FCAS, MAAA; Laurie Johnson, PhD, AICP; and Roger Pielke Jr., PhD

Recent earthquakes in California, Haiti, Chile, and China, and the Christmas day “airline underwear bomber” attack, are grim reminders of the loss potential and volatility that persists in the global property and casualty insurance industry.

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