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Global Risk Consultants

Global Risk Consultants

100 Walnut Avenue, Suite 501 Clark, New Jersey, United States 07066

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Global Risk Consultants Corp.®
100 Walnut Avenue, Suite 501
Clark, New Jersey 07066-1247
USA Phone: 1.732.827.4400
Fax: 1.732.827.4490

With worldwide offices located in:

United Kingdom
United States


Categories: » Insurance Products (41)
»» Boiler Machinery (2)
» Risk Management (29)
»» Consulting Services (5)
»» Crisis and Catastrophes (7)
»» Engineering Services (4)
»» Modeling and Analysis (2)
»» Natural Hazards Analysis (1)
»» Infrared Thermographic Surveys (2)
»» Jurisdictional Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspections (1)
» Safety & Loss Control (8)
»» Fire Protection (2)
»» Specific Training Programs (4)

The only unbundled property loss prevention company to offer a complete portfolio of in-house, site-specific services and risk management solutions.

Service or Product Description

As a full-service risk control firm, we are your constant, committed advisor. By partnering with GRC, the knowledge base builds year after year; so, even if you change insurance carriers, you continue to receive the most consistent, detailed risk analysis possible. Focused on managing your risk to reduce loss, we help you make sound business decisions.


• Fire Protection Engineering
• Boiler & Machinery Engineering
• Infrared Thermographic Surveys
• Jurisdictional Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspections
• Natural Hazards Data Collection & Analysis
• Loss Control Training
• Global Risk Connect (Database)


• Independent and unbiased evaluation of property exposures
• Client-driven, long-term, value-added partnerships
• Ownership of information and consultative approach
• Ability to “think outside the box” to develop customized loss control program
• Client is not under pressure prior to insurance policy renewals
• Client has access to a team of experts prior to meeting with underwriters
• Worldwide credibility with property insurance underwriters

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) reduces your company’s overall cost of risk. Our diverse array of in-house services are delivered worldwide and backed by over 50 years of risk control experience. With a 96% client retention rate, we provide complete loss reduction benefits through value-added programs.

Below is a closer look at each service and the details GRC provides for each.

• Fire Protection Engineering: Evaluate and manage exposure to fire and explosion risks, develop action plans and cost-effective mitigation strategies, implementation at the local site and corporate levels, impairment monitoring, plan/project reviews, CAD diagrams, loss investigations, and customized client training programs.

• Boiler & Machinery Engineering: Analysis of facilities production, process operations and utility systems, identify bottlenecks and ways to improve operational efficiencies, develop action plans to control losses and avoid breakdowns, mechanical integrity programs to assist with O.S.H.A process safety requirements, and preventive/predictive and critical electrical equipment maintenance programs.

• Infrared Thermographic Surveys: Non-contact, non-destructive analysis of electrical and mechanical equipment, detect abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns which may cause equipment failure, infrared and airborne ultrasound technology identifies ‘invisible’ threats, identify critical loss exposures and their severity/impact, and clients, on average, save $14 for every $1 spent on Infrared inspections.

• Jurisdictional Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspections: Code-required inspection/certification of boilers and pressure vessels, issuance of operating certificates for jurisdictional objects in the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico, third-party inspections for fabrication of boilers/pressure vessels in the U.S., Europe & Asia, accredited by ASME and the National Board of Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and provide official documentation and tracking of certificates and violations/recommendations.

• Natural Hazard Analysis: Identify natural hazard exposures and evaluate their severity and impact, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, windstorms and other exposures, site-specific analyses to identify risks and develop action plans and mitigation strategies, collect primary/secondary modeling input data on a site-specific, building-by-building basis, and pre- and post- loss consulting to prepare sites for impending events and recovery.

• Global Risk Connect (Database): Full-featured, easy-to-use, information management system, secure, easy online access via password from any internet connection, interactive tools including benchmarking, trending, rating, recommendation follow-up, multi-level access with ‘one-stop’ navigation screen, and site-specific and portfolio level reports, drill-downs, analysis and outputs.

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RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition

04/27/2014 - 04/30/2014

Booth Number: 327

Conference activities: Come visit us at RIMS Booth 327.


06/16/2014 - 06/18/2014

Booth Number: AIRMIC (UK)

Conference activities: AIRMIC (UK)

White Paper

GRC Gets Around (The World - That Is)

Published in 03/25/2014 in Industry Solutions category

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) works with various corporations to help them better understand their property risk exposures at site locations spread around the world. By understanding those risks, companies are able to properly manage them, mitigate..

The Seamless Transition - GRC News - Global Risk Communication

Published in 11/22/2013 in Risk Management category by Global Risk Consultants

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) takes pride in partnering with companies directly for their risk management and property loss prevention needs. Sometimes a simple contact from a risk manager at a trade meeting is all it takes to start the process.

Natural Hazards Analysis

Published in 03/12/2013 in Risk Management category

Awareness and concern for natural hazards has increased significantly, both from internal risk management as well as insurance liability perspectives. Global Risk Consultants (GRC) helps companies identify these exposures and evaluate their severity.

IR Windows & View Ports Through The Glass Darkly

Published in 03/12/2013 in Risk Management category

The use of IR windows, view ports, and other temperature monitoring avenues are increasingly important as more stringent safety rules prohibit direct opening of electrical enclosures while under load.

Successful Natural Hazard Risk Management

Published in 03/10/2013 in Risk Management category

Awareness and concern for natural hazards has increased significantly in the past few years, both from internal risk management as well as insurance liability perspectives. Consequently, natural hazard analysis via computer models has been growing.

Fire Protection for Data Centers and Electronic Equipment Rooms

Published in 01/01/2013 in Risk Management category by Global Risk Consultants

Almost all industrial facilities are now dependent on electronic data processing equipment. Areas housing this equipment present unique fire protection challenges that need to be incorporated into a facility's loss control program.

Electrical Consulting Services

Published in 12/06/2012 in Risk Management category by Global Risk Consultants

An electrical risk assessment program provides loss control and risk exposure information about systems and equipment associated with generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy. The primary goal of an electrical

Flood Risk Assessment

Published in 05/25/2012 in Risk Management category by Global Risk Consultants

GRM engineers determine if client facilities are in 100-yr flood zones. Sites in flood zones can get an elevation survey to certify Finished Floor Elevation (FFE). If FFE is above base flood elevation (BFE), client can apply for a Letter of Map

Eastern Turkey, M7.2 Earthquake

Published in 10/23/2011 in Industry Solutions category by Global Risk Miyamoto

On October 23, 2011 at 13:41:21 pm local time, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck eastern Turkey. The quake's epicenter was near the city of Van close to the Iran border. One of the hardest hit area included Ercis, an eastern town of approx. 75,000.

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