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The Gathering Front: New Realities of Terrorism Risk

Terrorism can occur anywhere in the world at any time; any person, business or country can be its target. Risk managers must secure businesses against some of the oldest forms of aggression, like piracy, as well as new threats, like cyber attacks.

The Risk/Earnings Ratio: New Perspectives for Achieving Bottom-Line Stability

Research pinpoints a correlation between earnings stability of large multinational companies and their ability to manage physical plant and other property-related risks.

The Seamless Transition - GRC News - Global Risk Communication

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) takes pride in partnering with companies directly for their risk management and property loss prevention needs. Sometimes a simple contact from a risk manager at a trade meeting is all it takes to start the process.

The Seven Standards of Cloud Computing Service Delivery

With the rapid growth in the enterprise use of cloud-computing comes a corresponding increase in responsibility on the part of vendors to provide cloud-computing platforms that offer outstanding service delivery.

The Impact of Medicare Part D Exposure on MSA

This perspective discusses the issue of prescription drug costs and its role in settling claims, and includes a PMSI case study showing our program outcomes.

The Day of an Engineer: Their Role, Findings and Importance at your Facilities

Q: There are two different roles for Engineers at Global Risk Consultants (GRC), the Account Engineers and the Field Engineers. What is the major difference between the two and what do they provide to the client?
A: Both roles are equally important

The New Global Economy

The New Global Economy

Published: 06/11/2010 in Risk Management

FM Global industry experts discuss various concepts and challenges of the new global economy.

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