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Reining in the Cost of Physician Dispensing

Express Scripts’ Physician-Dispensed Medication Solution provides payers visibility into the true cost of medication.

A Tsunami or a Ripple? Examining the Impact of the Expected Wave of Age-Related Claims

Many Boomers are now choosing to stay at work past traditional retirement age. That will create a number of ripples, one of which will reach the world of workers’ compensation.

Cost Increases Drive Higher Drug Trend for Workers' Compensation

Overall drug trend for workers' compensation increased 9.5%, according to the Express Scripts Workers' Compensation Drug Trend Report, primarily from an 8.2% jump in cost per prescription.

Medical Marijuana: Friend or Foe of Workers' Compensation?

With numerous states legalizing medical marijuana, this paper reviews the research that has been done on it, and the opinions and concerns regarding its use by the medical community, the public, the insurance industry, employers, and the government.

New Insights for Pain Management

Many work injuries are treated with powerful narcotics. Read about a treatment approach that focuses on patient education and engagement.

Injured Worker Communication Drives Safer Treatment

Using our expertise in the behavioral sciences, we communicate directly with injured workers about the safety concerns of compounded medications to encourage safer drug choices, while providing cost savings for payers.

Ensuring Payer Compliance with Mandatory Insurer Reporting

Mandatory Insurer Reporting (MIR) is a requirement for group health, liability, no-fault, and workers’ compensation insurers/plans. But the MIR process is complex and requires specialized expertise.

The Politics of Workers' Compensation: 2015 Regulatory and Legislative Outlook

This paper provides a summary of the regulatory and legislative outlook for 2015, including pharmacy costs, closed formularies, medical marijuana, physician dispensing, PDMPs, compounded medications, and medication management.

Physician Dispensing Inflates Price of OTC Drugs

A recent study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute found that easily available, over-the-counter drugs were sold at significantly higher prices when dispensed through physician offices.

Care management solutions: Provider benchmarking

Transforming provider networks: Sedgwick’s five-star provider benchmarking program uses data to build networks on quality of care and successful claims outcomes. Read more to learn how clients consistently realize 20% reduction in total cost of risk.

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