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Medical Marijuana: Low Impact or High Cost?

Legalized use of medical and/or recreational marijuana in some states raises questions about what workplace safety, drug testing, and other risk management policies employers may want to adopt or modify and the possible consequences of the policies.

2015 Industry Perspective

Our 2015 Industry Perspective is a reference guide that provides a synopsis of key legislative issues, pricing and reimbursement data by state, claims trends, and medical and pharmacy cost data.

Opioid Drug Treatment Case Study

This study looks inside a catastrophic work comp case that included multiple opioids totaling over $27,000 a month. The case was brought to myMatrixx for review and the outcome delivered a savings of over $250,000 per year for the claim.

2014 Drug Trends Analysis

This report marks an industry first, offering an enhanced examination of prescription drug trends that consider the entire pharmacy experience, incorporating prescriptions that have been managed as well as those that are (yet) unmanaged.

Physician Dispensing Inflates Price of OTC Drugs

A recent study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute found that easily available, over-the-counter drugs were sold at significantly higher prices when dispensed through physician offices.

Focus on Pharmacy: Compound Medications

Compounded medications, created as one-of-a-kind prescriptions, are becoming a sneaking suspicion within the healthcare management industry due to recent increases in usage and their corresponding high costs.

The Negative Effects Opioids Can Have on Multiple Body Systems

The side effects of opioids often outweigh the benefits of their pain-relieving properties. To illustrate these effects, we share the story of Anne and how chronic opioid therapy impacted nearly all of her body systems.

Health-focused managed care: Physician drug dispensing solutions

How can something as seemingly clear-cut as a provider prescribing a patient medication be so costly? Yet it can be–often 5-6x more vs. retail pharmacies. Read to learn how Sedgwick is seeking to control costs and ensure optimal outcomes for workers.

Reining in the Cost of Physician Dispensing

Express Scripts’ Physician-Dispensed Medication Solution provides payers visibility into the true cost of medication.

Injured Worker Communication Drives Safer Treatment

Using our expertise in the behavioral sciences, we communicate directly with injured workers about the safety concerns of compounded medications to encourage safer drug choices, while providing cost savings for payers.

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