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Year of the Adjuster Infographic

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Adjusters deal with a different level of complexity when compared to other types of insurance. More bills, more deadlines, more potential penalties and more people involved. Get to know adjusters with this infographic.

Alternative Return To Work Programs: Taking an Innovative Approach to Improve Traditional Solutions

When the nature of the injury or the work itself do not lend themselves to traditional modified duty assignments, York’s Alternative Return to Work program places employees in nonprofits to help them transition back to their regular position.

Opioids in the Treatment of Injured Workers: When and How to Maximize Effectiveness

Use of prescription painkillers has increased in staggering proportions compared with other medication classes, in terms of the number of prescriptions written, costs and incidence of overuse and abuse.

Focus on Claims Management: The Value of Early Intervention

Redesigning the workers’ compensation claims process to be more patient focused and supportive of injured employees can have a positive effect on employee health outcomes and employer spending. A well-trained, multidisciplinary team offering immediat

Physician Dispensing: Dialogue, Data, and Collaboration Drive Positive Change

In 2013, key stakeholders in the workers’ compensation industry gathered to discuss physician dispensing. The consensus was that dialogue, data, and collaboration could drive positive change. Now a year later, this paper discusses what’s happened.

Workers’ Compensation Deregulation Alert: What Employers Need to Know About the New Oklahoma Law

Possibly “the most inventive” workers’ compensation legislation since the early 20th century, the recent Oklahoma alternate coverage law could reduce costs, preserve employee benefits and provide employer flexibility. Analysis sponsored by Sedgwick.

Overcoming Obstacles Facing the Workers’ Compensation Industry

Operating at a loss is simply not a sustainable business model. Now is the time to focus on overcoming obstacles, evaluating the technology that has evolved around us, and seek better ways for our industry to survive, even thrive, in the years ahead.

Coding Systems: Understanding NDC and HCPCS

NDC and HCPCS numbers are frequently encountered in claims. This paper explains what they are, why they’re important, and how they’re configured, as well as other information to help you understand them.

Medical Management: A New Model for Physical Therapy

The traditional model of physical therapy is built on the patient-first principles of finding solutions to treat injured workers; however, it is marked by inefficiencies that can hinder patients from achieving maximum medical improvement (MMI). By ou

Fight the Rx Epidemic: A Prescription for Workers' Comp

Find out how workers’ comp has turned the corner toward building a durable remedy for Rx drug misuse. Learn from America’s best minds the multi-pronged approach that’s driving change. See how Rx Intelligence technologies are vital to the solution.

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