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A Tsunami or a Ripple? Examining the Impact of the Expected Wave of Age-Related Claims

Many Boomers are now choosing to stay at work past traditional retirement age. That will create a number of ripples, one of which will reach the world of workers’ compensation.

Specialty Drugs in Workers' Compensation: A Guide for Claims Managers

Twenty years ago there were only 10 specialty drugs on the market and they were rarely seen in workers’ compensation. Today there are over 300, and drugs such as anticoagulants and antivirals are making their way into claims.

Cost Increases Drive Higher Drug Trend for Workers' Compensation

Overall drug trend for workers' compensation increased 9.5%, according to the Express Scripts Workers' Compensation Drug Trend Report, primarily from an 8.2% jump in cost per prescription.

Reining in the Cost of Physician Dispensing

Express Scripts’ Physician-Dispensed Medication Solution provides payers visibility into the true cost of medication.

New Insights for Pain Management

Many work injuries are treated with powerful narcotics. Read about a treatment approach that focuses on patient education and engagement.

Equipment + Devices Cost Savings: One Call Provides Prosthetic Leg for 19% Less Than Original Quote

In October 2012, a worker was injured on the job, resulting in an “above the knee” amputation. With discounted pricing through the One Call network and bill conversion process, the price for the same prosthetic leg system was $112,610.18.

2012 Drug Trends Report

Sedgwick’s 2012 Drug Trends Report identifies drug safety and cost concerns and showcases client outcomes. Download for a closer look at the improvements and savings our customers achieved last year utilizing our advanced drug management strategies.

Response to “Compounding is Confounding Workers’ Compensation”

My colleagues that participate in CompPharma authored a very good piece on compounding medications.
While the recommendations made by the consortium are sound, we need to apply practical steps given the
current environment.

One Call's Dental + Doctor Helps Manage Workers' Comp Costs, Saves Payer Over $13,000

On May 17, 2012 while on the job, a male in his late 50’s was hit in the mouth and damaged his two front teeth. In total, One Call Dental + Doctor delivered approximately $13,772 in savings.

One Call Equipment + Devices Expertise Helps Save $8,000 on Prosthetic Arm for Injured Worker

In September 2012, a worker was injured on the job, resulting in a “below the elbow” amputation. Through coding expertise, provider network, discounted pricing, and bill conversion process, One Call was able to save the client $8,000.

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