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Year of the Adjuster Infographic

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Adjusters deal with a different level of complexity when compared to other types of insurance. More bills, more deadlines, more potential penalties and more people involved. Get to know adjusters with this infographic.

Response to “Compounding is Confounding Workers’ Compensation”

My colleagues that participate in CompPharma authored a very good piece on compounding medications.
While the recommendations made by the consortium are sound, we need to apply practical steps given the
current environment.

Managing Claims Costs Before They Occur

York’s approach to managing workers' compensation claims combines sophisticated data analytics, and clinical review and claim expertise in a way that improves outcomes and lowers the total cost of risk by managing claims costs before they occur.

Reining in the Cost of Physician Dispensing

Express Scripts’ Physician-Dispensed Medication Solution provides payers visibility into the true cost of medication.

Chronic Pain: The Pathway Toward Resolution

Pain is the body’s signal that something is wrong, right? What about pain that persists—sometimes long after the original injury has healed? Chronic pain is a scourge, not only for the afflicted, but also for employers & insurers who foot the bill.

Safe and Appropriate Use of Opioids Begins at the Moment of Injury

With increasing emergency room visits due to the misuse or abuse of opioid analgesics, a medication largely used in the workers’ comp industry, payers are seeking tools to reduce their misuse or abuse. Learn about the success of such a tool.

Moving Forward from Dubon I: In Dubon II the WCAB Returns Medical Decisions to Doctors, Not Judges

The WCAB found that the utilization review (UR) in the Dubon case was defective. Rather than calling for an independent medical review (IMR) as required by SB863, the WCAB made the treatment decision itself.

Evaluating Compounded Medications: 17 Questions that Can Help

The use of compounded medications can raise concerns in regards to safety and efficacy. This paper provides 17 questions to ask when evaluating compounded medications to help determine if they are the right medication for the injured workers' needs.

New Insights for Pain Management

Many work injuries are treated with powerful narcotics. Read about a treatment approach that focuses on patient education and engagement.

Waste Adds $2.1 Billion to Workers' Compensation Pharmacy Costs, Express Scripts Reports

Unnecessary Use of Higher-Priced Medications Leading Cause of Waste; Lower-Cost, Clinically Equivalent Alternatives Would Save Billions for Workers' Compensation Payers

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