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AWP Settlement: Market Impact and Payor Considerations

The Settlement of Average Wholesale Price (AWP) has caused confusion in the workers' compensation industry.

Managing Claims Costs Before They Occur

York’s approach to managing workers' compensation claims combines sophisticated data analytics, and clinical review and claim expertise in a way that improves outcomes and lowers the total cost of risk by managing claims costs before they occur.

Morphine Equivalency Dosing: A Tool for Opioid Management

Morphine Equivalency Dosing can be used to compare the relative opioid potency when treating a patient with different narcotic pain relievers.

A Combined Focus on Unit Cost and Utilization Control for More Effective Cost Containment with DME

Durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies, although a smaller percentage of spend, contribute significantly to overall spend and it is here that payors are now taking a closer look at these costs and seeing opportunities for cost savings.

Specialty Drugs in Workers' Compensation

Twenty years ago there were only ten specialty drugs on the market and they were rarely seen in workers’ compensation. Today there are over 300 and drugs such as anticoagulants and antivirals are making their way into claims.

Case Study - SaxonMG

Case Study - SaxonMG

Published: 11/19/2013 in Claims Management

SaxonMG strives to be the number one choice for auto insurance in the Cayman Islands. To help achieve this objective, SaxonMG chose to implement SIMS Claims to process auto claims with a high level of efficiency, cost savings, and customer service.

The Gathering Front: New Realities of Terrorism Risk

Terrorism can occur anywhere in the world at any time; any person, business or country can be its target. Risk managers must secure businesses against some of the oldest forms of aggression, like piracy, as well as new threats, like cyber attacks.

Care management solutions: Narcotic management

How can employers help injured workers while ensuring appropriate use of narcotics and reducing unnecessary costs? Take a look into Sedgwick’s clinically based process, which aligns resources to impact safety, return to work and better outcomes.


A focus on obesity as the cause of work-related injuries and tangible strategies for promoting health and wellness at work.

Pyramid News Magazine - Fall 2012

In this issue, we feature articles on doctors filling prescriptions, backlogs at the Veteran’s Administration, a feature article on GENEX’s Telephonic, Field, and Vocational Case Management, and many other great stories.

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