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Overcoming Obstacles Facing the Workers’ Compensation Industry

Operating at a loss is simply not a sustainable business model. Now is the time to focus on overcoming obstacles, evaluating the technology that has evolved around us, and seek better ways for our industry to survive, even thrive, in the years ahead.

Focus on Pharmacy: Physician Dispensing

CorVel’s Focus on Pharmacy Management whitepapers aim to provide readers with tools and approaches to to mitigate exposure in their risk program.

Year of the Adjuster Infographic

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Adjusters deal with a different level of complexity when compared to other types of insurance. More bills, more deadlines, more potential penalties and more people involved. Get to know adjusters with this infographic.

Specialty Drugs in Workers' Compensation

Twenty years ago there were only ten specialty drugs on the market and they were rarely seen in workers’ compensation. Today there are over 300 and drugs such as anticoagulants and antivirals are making their way into claims.

Managing Claims Costs Before They Occur

York’s approach to managing workers' compensation claims combines sophisticated data analytics, and clinical review and claim expertise in a way that improves outcomes and lowers the total cost of risk by managing claims costs before they occur.

Comorbidity in Workers' Compensation

This paper explores the top five comorbidities in workers' compensation and how to prevent and identify comorbidity to reduce the impact on workers’ compensation claims.

Highest Potential: Pairing Injured Workers with the Right Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) are often an important component in the management and treatment of work-related injuries. Understanding the purpose of FCEs and implementing best practices is vital to successful case management.

Opioids in the Treatment of Injured Workers: When and How to Maximize Effectiveness

Use of prescription painkillers has increased in staggering proportions compared with other medication classes, in terms of the number of prescriptions written, costs and incidence of overuse and abuse.

Diagnostic Insights: Payer Avoids Misdiagnosed Carpal Tunnel Case Due to Electrodiagnostic Expertise

In Feb 2012, a 34-year-old carpenter reported experiencing hand pain and occasional weakness in the fourth and fifth fingers of both hands. It was determined patient’s medical complaints were NOT due to carpal tunnel and NOT related to employment.

Managing the Unintended Pain of Opioids in the Workers' Compensation Industry

Opioid abuse causes great concern in the workers' compensation industry. Communication with physicians and pain management guidelines can improve outcomes.

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