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STUDY: Cost, Time and Volume Impact of Physician Dispensing

New study highlights how physician dispensing negatively impacts overall outcomes for injured workers and workers' compensation payers.

Physician Dispensing Inflates Price of OTC Drugs

A recent study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute found that easily available, over-the-counter drugs were sold at significantly higher prices when dispensed through physician offices.

Fight the Rx Epidemic: A Prescription for Workers' Comp

Find out how workers’ comp has turned the corner toward building a durable remedy for Rx drug misuse. Learn from America’s best minds the multi-pronged approach that’s driving change. See how Rx Intelligence technologies are vital to the solution.

Health-focused managed care: Physician drug dispensing solutions

How can something as seemingly clear-cut as a provider prescribing a patient medication be so costly? Yet it can be–often 5-6x more vs. retail pharmacies. Read to learn how Sedgwick is seeking to control costs and ensure optimal outcomes for workers.

DataCare's RTW ROI Whitepaper

In today's competitive business climate, a managed care company must provide empirical data that supports its ability to control costs, increase efficiency, and increase the quality of care. See how to calculate net savings and RTW ROI.

Focus on Claims Management: The Value of Early Intervention

Redesigning the workers’ compensation claims process to be more patient focused and supportive of injured employees can have a positive effect on employee health outcomes and employer spending. A well-trained, multidisciplinary team offering immediat

Intelligent Medical Management: Transforming Big Data into Applied Analytics

Over the past few years, Big Data has captured the interest of the nation’s top business leaders. However, there is still much work to be done for this opportunity to achieve its potential.

Balancing Care & Cost: The Value of Case Management

A return to case management, the root of workers’ compensation, offers unparalleled – and often unrealized – results when adapted to claims management.

Injured Worker Communication Drives Safer Treatment

Using our expertise in the behavioral sciences, we communicate directly with injured workers about the safety concerns of compounded medications to encourage safer drug choices, while providing cost savings for payers.

Five Common Misconceptions in Workers’ Compensation

Experts from Healthcare Solutions identify and debunk five common myths in workers’ compensation and explain why a thorough understanding of these issues can help improve injured worker outcomes, decrease administrative burden and reduce costs.

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