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One Call Equipment + Devices Expertise Helps Save $8,000 on Prosthetic Arm for Injured Worker

In September 2012, a worker was injured on the job, resulting in a “below the elbow” amputation. Through coding expertise, provider network, discounted pricing, and bill conversion process, One Call was able to save the client $8,000.

Response to “Compounding is Confounding Workers’ Compensation”

My colleagues that participate in CompPharma authored a very good piece on compounding medications.
While the recommendations made by the consortium are sound, we need to apply practical steps given the
current environment.

Workers’ Compensation Deregulation Alert: What Employers Need to Know About the New Oklahoma Law

Possibly “the most inventive” workers’ compensation legislation since the early 20th century, the recent Oklahoma alternate coverage law could reduce costs, preserve employee benefits and provide employer flexibility. Analysis sponsored by Sedgwick.

Extensive Experience Helps One Call Save Client $16,000+ on Prosthetic Arm

A worker was injured on the job, resulting in an “above the elbow” amputation. One Call reviewed quotes and was able to reduce Provider A’s higher priced quote through the network's discount pricing, invoice and coding expertise, and bill conversion.

2014 Industry Perspectives - 3rd Quarter

Check out the 2014 Third Quarter Industry Perspectives, which provides a quick reference of pharmacy state fee schedules and other industry data.

Intelligent Medical Management: Transforming Big Data into Applied Analytics

Over the past few years, Big Data has captured the interest of the nation’s top business leaders. However, there is still much work to be done for this opportunity to achieve its potential.

Impact of Aggressive Care in Workers' Compensation

Aggressive medical care at the beginning of a workers’ compensation claim results in reduced costs, shorter claims duration, and lower litigation rates, according to research from Harbor Health Systems.

The Effect of Fee Schedule Changes in Illinois

Following a series of fee schedule changes, cost containment strategies have led to reductions in cost while utilization has increased. When comparing all of the changes in Illinois, the 30% rate reduction in 2011 had the greatest impact.

Injured Worker Communication Drives Safer Treatment

Using our expertise in the behavioral sciences, we communicate directly with injured workers about the safety concerns of compounded medications to encourage safer drug choices, while providing cost savings for payers.

Healthcare Solutions Pharmacy White Paper - Compound Drugs

When it comes to compounded prescription drugs, it’s a fairly good bet that payers in the workers’ compensation market are paying more than they should. Read more to learn how Healthcare Solutions' compound drug program is saving money for clients.

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