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Focus on Claims Management: The Value of Early Intervention

Redesigning the workers’ compensation claims process to be more patient focused and supportive of injured employees can have a positive effect on employee health outcomes and employer spending. A well-trained, multidisciplinary team offering immediat

Will Utilization Review Proceedings be Protected Under the CA Anti-SLAPP Statute?

Electronic Waveform Lab, Inc. sued EK Health. A the heart of the issue is whether Utilization Review constitutes "official proceedings protected by law." This article explores this question its implications for future litigation in California.

Managing the Unintended Pain of Opioids in the Workers' Compensation Industry

Opioid abuse causes great concern in the workers' compensation industry. Communication with physicians and pain management guidelines can improve outcomes.

Medical Marijuana: Low Impact or High Cost?

Legalized use of medical and/or recreational marijuana in some states raises questions about what workplace safety, drug testing, and other risk management policies employers may want to adopt or modify and the possible consequences of the policies.

Physical Therapy in the Injured Worker: Missed Opportunities for Cost Containment

Undeniably, overuse of physical therapy is a contributor to elevated costs in workers’ comp.
However, programs that focus solely on overutilization are limited in their effectiveness. To achieve optimal results, a physical medicine program must manag

How Will the Changing Legal Status of Marijuana Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claims?

In states where medical and/or recreational marijuana use is allowed, state laws are in conflict with federal laws causing confusion. This paper addresses the confusion and the management of chronic pain claims.

PRP Injections: Is Non-Evidence-Based Treatment Harmful To Patients And Costing Too Much?

PRP injections are costly and with little to no support from evidence-based guidelines, are widely scrutinized in the medical industry.

Data Analytics in Workers’ Comp

This article focuses on exactly what data analytics is and how it can help claims and utilization review professionals do their jobs better.

Client Case Study - Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies (BHHC) is a group of six regional insurance carriers. In this case study, Terry McKelvey, vice president of IT in the workers’ comp division of BHHC, discusses the benefits her company experienced after implemen

One Call Saves Payer Over $8,000 on Dental Injury Care

On July 11, 2011 while on the job, a women in her late 40’s was hit by a valve, which knocked out her two front teeth. With clinical oversight and guidance from One Call Care Dental + Doctor the payer saved more than $8,000.

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