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Medical Marijuana: Low Impact or High Cost?

Legalized use of medical and/or recreational marijuana in some states raises questions about what workplace safety, drug testing, and other risk management policies employers may want to adopt or modify and the possible consequences of the policies.

Outcomes-based Network Florida Program -- 2 Year Outcomes Metrics Report

In late 2009, Coventry launched its Outcomes-based Network in Florida aimed at identifying workers’ compensation providers who have been statistically shown to be associated with quality patient outcomes and controlled claims costs.

Understanding and preparing for the impact of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is expected to impact access to care, change the way accountable care organizations are used, and increase consolidation among hospitals and providers. Read more on this evolving topic from Sedgwick's Kimberly George.

Year of the Adjuster Infographic

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Adjusters deal with a different level of complexity when compared to other types of insurance. More bills, more deadlines, more potential penalties and more people involved. Get to know adjusters with this infographic.

The Price of Compounded Medications

In workers’ comp, compounded medications are typically prescribed as second or third line therapy, but over the years, their use as first line therapy has grown greatly along with costs, begging the question if financial incentives are more important

DataCare's RTW ROI Whitepaper

In today's competitive business climate, a managed care company must provide empirical data that supports its ability to control costs, increase efficiency, and increase the quality of care. See how to calculate net savings and RTW ROI.

Specialty Drugs in Workers' Compensation

Twenty years ago there were only ten specialty drugs on the market and they were rarely seen in workers’ compensation. Today there are over 300 and drugs such as anticoagulants and antivirals are making their way into claims.

Trends in Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation today focuses on assuring that injured workers receive appropriate
medical treatment while attempting to manage quality, cost and liabilities. The system has become
increasingly more complex.

2013 Hospital Workers' Compensation Benchmark Study

Beecher Carlson is happy to release the fourth edition of the Hospital Workers’ Compensation Benchmark Study. The 2013 Study includes claim information from 2007 through through 2011 representing more than 600 hospitals in 41 states, nearly 650,000.

It's The People- Not Just The Platforms That Matter

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of technology but also its limitations. Without great people to operate it, technology cannot maximize its full potential or realize the best possible outcomes.

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