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Consolidating and Automating Policy Administration and Underwriting

By leveraging web 2.0 technology solutions, insurers can more effectively negotiate with carriers, ensure data accuracy, and increase customer service while also increasing operational efficiency and shortening renewal cycles.

Risk Management Triangles | Triangles may be frustrating, but it's not safe to throw them

Gain greater confidence in your interactions with actuaries and triangle reports that more accurately project your firm's expected losses.

Seven Steps to Risk Management Success

Everything your organization does involves some level of risk. Shouldn’t an organization’s strategy be driven by risk every day? Or should risk management be put on the sidelines and only called upon when something goes wrong?

The Seven Standards of Cloud Computing Service Delivery

With the rapid growth in the enterprise use of cloud-computing comes a corresponding increase in responsibility on the part of vendors to provide cloud-computing platforms that offer outstanding service delivery.

Top 6 Reasons to Improve Integration of Claims Systems

Could your claim systems integration stand to be improved? In this white paper you will discover new technology advances that will ensure you reap the benefits of tying together claims, UR reviews, bill processes, and managed care relationships.

Integrating Core Systems and standardizing workflow increases member satisfaction and reduces costs

SDRMA had disparate systems that were not integrated and business processes relied on people to be the integration. Implementing an integrated software suite and automating manual processes led to improved efficiency and significant cost reductions.

Voice quality and efficiency: Two insurance investigation essentials

This case study describes how after a short time, an entire insurance investigation firm went digital. It will also look at how mobile technology has helped improve workflow processes and sound quality, and eliminate the expense of analog tapes.

81% of Returned Workers Comp Bills Aren’t Resubmitted

Using actual 2012 claim data from our CLAIMExpert® platform, we uncover interesting statistics regarding rejected medical submissions, including the fact that 81% of returned claims are never resubmitted!

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