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Prevention and Control: The Key to Protecting Your Organization

A loss control/risk management strategy is as much about meeting your customer's expectations as it is about protecting your business assets. For a company to sustain growth it must meet the ever increasing demands of maintaining production to...

Third-Party Supplier and Manufacturing Audits

Many companies use third-parties to manufacture or store finished and/or intermediate products. Relying on third-party suppliers can introduce additional risks to your business continuity. Even though these facilities may or may not be treated

Superstorm Sandy's destruction drives home comprehensive environmental coverage needs

Back in late October, superstorm Sandy stunned the East Coast. The storm’s powerful winds and waves may make Sandy the second most expensive storm in American history, after Hurricane Katrina.

Fire Protection for Data Centers and Electronic Equipment Rooms

Almost all industrial facilities are now dependent on electronic data processing equipment. Areas housing this equipment present unique fire protection challenges that need to be incorporated into a facility's loss control program.

Driver Monitoring: Myths vs. Reality

White paper on busting three common driver risk management myths that could put your business at risk.

The Unbundled Alternative (to Traditional Bundled Programs)

Why "unbundled" services? The traditional "bundled" approach to jurisdictional inspection programs relies on selection of the jurisdictional service by another party, typically the insurance company. An unbundled approach allows the client (customer)

Transportation and Storage of Containerized Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Transportation and Storage of Containerized Flammable and Combustible Liquids: The Disconnect Between U.S. Federal Regulations, and State and Local Fire Codes David P. Nugent Global Risk Consultants.

Maximizing Your Risk Management Program

Risk Management programs can span further than just an inspection process, especially when companies step up and build their own customized internal programs and measurement goals. Numerous companies create internal initiatives in an effort to...

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment

Published: 05/25/2012 in Risk Management

GRM engineers determine if client facilities are in 100-yr flood zones. Sites in flood zones can get an elevation survey to certify Finished Floor Elevation (FFE). If FFE is above base flood elevation (BFE), client can apply for a Letter of Map

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