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Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

Published: 12/04/2014 in Risk Management

September 1961 was the first live broadcast of a hurricane on television. Viewers watched as a young Dan Rather waded through waist high water at the Galveston Sea Wall. Later on the first live broadcast of a hurricane radar tracking was seen as he

Risk Management Triangles | Triangles may be frustrating, but it's not safe to throw them

Gain greater confidence in your interactions with actuaries and triangle reports that more accurately project your firm's expected losses.

News Headlines Hijacking School Resources

School shootings and the severity is real. Experts are interviewed regarding school safety issues and remedies for prevention. The paper addresses non-fatal school violence, complacency, bullying, drug use, child abuse, gangs, and bus safety.

The Seamless Transition - GRC News - Global Risk Communication

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) takes pride in partnering with companies directly for their risk management and property loss prevention needs. Sometimes a simple contact from a risk manager at a trade meeting is all it takes to start the process.

Spotlight on claims in the health care industry

Often losses resulting from catastrophic events impact health care providers in ways that do not become apparent until well after the loss or until the right questions are asked.

Anticipating ROI for Dynamics of Selling Program

A prominent national bank-owned insurance agency conducted a study of the business impact
and ROI of the Dynamics of Selling Program from The National Alliance. It is an intense, interactive 2 ½-day program created for insurance professionals.

Natural Hazards Analysis

Awareness and concern for natural hazards has increased significantly, both from internal risk management as well as insurance liability perspectives. Global Risk Consultants (GRC) helps companies identify these exposures and evaluate their severity.

A Look at Jurisdictional Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections

Each industry has its own needs and obligations regarding jurisdictional object inspection services. This is often dictated by the nature of the industry and the client themselves. The largest segments for these inspections include refineries and

Fire Protection for Data Centers and Electronic Equipment Rooms

Almost all industrial facilities are now dependent on electronic data processing equipment. Areas housing this equipment present unique fire protection challenges that need to be incorporated into a facility's loss control program.

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment

Published: 05/25/2012 in Risk Management

GRM engineers determine if client facilities are in 100-yr flood zones. Sites in flood zones can get an elevation survey to certify Finished Floor Elevation (FFE). If FFE is above base flood elevation (BFE), client can apply for a Letter of Map

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