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A Closer Look at Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography (IR) has been used in industrial and commercial facilities for a few decades and the practice has been well documented and proven. Global Risk Consultants (GRC) utilizes Infrared Thermography technology to uncover and identify

The Importance of Property Engineering in the Soft Market

Many companies struggle in deciding the most opportune time to start or contract engineering services at their facilities. When is the right time to start thinking about insurance for your company on a long term basis? The answer is now.

Demystifying Premium Deficiency Reserves

Learn more about several of the practical considerations when determining whether a Premium Deficiency Reserve exists from an accounting and actuarial point of view.

Human Element: The Hidden Secret to Success

Human Element Control programs are a fundamental part of any loss control or risk management plan. These include systems that manage and control hot work permits, smoking, housekeeping, self inspection, and more. Each of these systems are designed to

IR Windows & View Ports Through The Glass Darkly

The use of IR windows, view ports, and other temperature monitoring avenues are increasingly important as more stringent safety rules prohibit direct opening of electrical enclosures while under load.

Property Insurance Market Preparation: Leveraging Your Risk Control Information

Risk Managers typically get the opportunity to sit in front of a property insurance underwriter once a year to present the overall risk profile of their company. These meetings are focused on property risk control information to give the Risk Manager

Risk Management Contributes to Safe, Positive School System

Risk management plays a vital role in reducing costs and maintaining a safe, positive learning environment. Risk management saves districts money, and that means there are more funds available for instruction.

Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

Published: 12/04/2014 in Risk Management

September 1961 was the first live broadcast of a hurricane on television. Viewers watched as a young Dan Rather waded through waist high water at the Galveston Sea Wall. Later on the first live broadcast of a hurricane radar tracking was seen as he

Insurance Capacity - How a Comprehensive Property Risk Control Program Helps

Risk Managers often struggle with how to get lower insurance rates and negotiate improved policy terms and conditions. The truth is that insurance companies have a limited amount of capacity, regardless of market conditions, and must distribute it

Prevention and Control: The Key to Protecting Your Organization

A loss control/risk management strategy is as much about meeting your customer's expectations as it is about protecting your business assets. For a company to sustain growth it must meet the ever increasing demands of maintaining production to...

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