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Reflections - Inflation: Nescience, or “Nobody Knows Nothing”

Standing national stereotypes on their heads, the Japanese government has taken the mantle of lead risk taker. Neither they, nor anybody else, has any idea how this will turn out.

Reflections - History Ignored, Again

The Federal Reserve's largesse does, in the words of its own Jeremy Stein, "flow into all of the cracks". The result is elevated valuations, from Twitter to emerging market debt. This film has been run before.

Reflections - Better Late Than Never

Jeremy Stein of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently spoke on the subject of unintended consequences of unconventional monetary policy. The Fed thus begins to admit that the observations of capital markets observers have a point.

Property Insurance Market Preparation: Leveraging Your Risk Control Information

Risk Managers typically get the opportunity to sit in front of a property insurance underwriter once a year to present the overall risk profile of their company. These meetings are focused on property risk control information to give the Risk Manager

The Emerging Regulatory Challenge to Non-admitted Insurance

This report discusses three recent regulatory enforcement actions in Brazil, India and the United States, each of which challenges some of the assumptions behind the most common forms of non-admitted insurance.

Express Scripts Unveils Comprehensive Fraud, Waste and Abuse Program for Workers' Comp Clients

New suite of Express Scripts workers' compensation services will detect and deter fraud in workers’ compensation prescriptions saving tens of millions of dollars annually.

Managing Pension Assets in the Context of Risk Tolerance

Cutwater's approach to managing volatility and developing de-risking solutions for plan sponsors.

Waste Adds $2.1 Billion to Workers' Compensation Pharmacy Costs, Express Scripts Reports

Unnecessary Use of Higher-Priced Medications Leading Cause of Waste; Lower-Cost, Clinically Equivalent Alternatives Would Save Billions for Workers' Compensation Payers

Superstorm Sandy's destruction drives home comprehensive environmental coverage needs

Back in late October, superstorm Sandy stunned the East Coast. The storm’s powerful winds and waves may make Sandy the second most expensive storm in American history, after Hurricane Katrina.

Reflections - Stumbling About

The recent Japanese turn to more stimulus and devaluation, austerity in the U.K. and fiscal paralysis in the U.S. affirm that developed countries have little idea how to escape their fiscal traps.

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