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Unnecessary Dangers in Manufacturing

This case study examines a large manufacturing corporation with manual material handling claims averaging $17,000 each and 80% of claims costs over four years. Read how the Liberty Mutual Consulting Center helped reduce these costs.

CIO Outlook 2013: Because That’s What Scorpions Do

Cliff Corso, chief executive officer and chief investment officer at Cutwater, will regularly provide commentary on the marketplace offering insight into our investment philosophy and approach to the credit markets.

Safety Forecast High Winds

Read how the Liberty Mutual Consulting Center helped select a wind tracker tool and mobile application to accurately and reliably measure wind direction, speed, and gusts.

Colors, Trademarks, Sports and Fashion

Can colors be trademarked? Colors and color combinations have increasingly become important in identifying the commercial origin of products or services around the world.

Reflections - Beware Epiphany

Financial markets’ behavior is entering central bankers’ field of vision after long being ignored. This has the potential to change the rules.

Upgrading the Claims Process through Predictive Analytics

Learn more about applying predictive analytics to the often-complicated claims process and how insurers can identify areas of concern and examine every step of the claims process, allowing insurers to better serve their customers.

Reflections - An Unnatural Rate of Interest

Developed economies are operating so far below their potential that it may be longer, rather than shorter, to rising rates. There is thus plenty of time for surprises.

Reflections - Stumbling About

The recent Japanese turn to more stimulus and devaluation, austerity in the U.K. and fiscal paralysis in the U.S. affirm that developed countries have little idea how to escape their fiscal traps.

Money Market Reform: The SEC’s Latest Push

Cutwater examines the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed changes to Investment Company Act Rule 2a-7 and the potential implications this will have for cash investors, short-term issuers and financial markets.

Voluntary benefits solutions for a growing part-time and variable-hour workforce

Aetna Voluntary Plans looks at trends affecting the part-time and variable-hour workforce, explores ACA implications in more detail, and examines benefits solutions available to employers with large part-time and variable-hour employee populations.

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