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Commercial Paper: Love It, Hate It, But Don’t Ignore It

Cutwater highlights its belief in the current opportunities in the commercial paper market that can offer investors an attractive, risk-adjusted yield.

CIO Outlook 2013: Because That’s What Scorpions Do

Cliff Corso, chief executive officer and chief investment officer at Cutwater, will regularly provide commentary on the marketplace offering insight into our investment philosophy and approach to the credit markets.

Reflections - Better Late Than Never

Jeremy Stein of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently spoke on the subject of unintended consequences of unconventional monetary policy. The Fed thus begins to admit that the observations of capital markets observers have a point.

Healthcare Solutions Pharmacy White Paper - Compound Drugs

When it comes to compounded prescription drugs, it’s a fairly good bet that payers in the workers’ compensation market are paying more than they should. Read more to learn how Healthcare Solutions' compound drug program is saving money for clients.

CSR Profile

This issue of Preliminary Findings examines some of the key findings related to commercial lines CSR compensation and service volume. The full study also includes research and statistics on personal lines CSRs, which are not included here.

GRC Gets Around (The World - That Is)

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) works with various corporations to help them better understand their property risk exposures at site locations spread around the world. By understanding those risks, companies are able to properly manage them, mitigate..

Reflections - Old Hickory Rides Again

The debt ceiling fracas astonished the world, understandably. But the philosophy of the radicals in the Tea Party radicals is not new.

Reflections - Mandarin Snow Globe

Central bankers are talking more about the unintended consequences of their actions. Ebullient risk takers beware.

Reflections - The Power of Belief

With their choices limited, the U.S. central bank has effectively made stock market inflation an instrument of monetary policy. The gleeful response of investors has produced valuations that are unattractive.

Reflections - History Ignored, Again

The Federal Reserve's largesse does, in the words of its own Jeremy Stein, "flow into all of the cracks". The result is elevated valuations, from Twitter to emerging market debt. This film has been run before.

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