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“You’re Tearing Me Apart” James Dean—Rebel Without a Cause

Cliff Corso, chief executive officer and chief investment officer at Cutwater, will regularly provide commentary on the marketplace offering insight into our investment philosophy and approach to the credit markets.

Global Complexity in Ocean Marine Coverage Calls for Smart Buying Strategy

When it comes to insurance coverage, it’s been said many times that buying on price alone often can be a risky proposition. Due to its global nature, when the coverage is marine cargo, the risk is even higher.

General ReView - 2012 Life Investment Highlights

This issue starts with highlights of the U.S. Life industry’s 10-year history of statutory operating and investment results and trends and concludes wtih key industry observations and trends.

M&A Risk Management: Avoiding Pitfalls, Finding Solutions

This paper is a roadmap to guide private equity firms and corporate M&A dealmakers through the M&A risk identification process and present insurance solutions to mitigate the exposures.

Reflections - Waiting for the Dog That Didn't Bark

Inflation is too low, say central bankers. But there are reasons that this may solve itself.

Reflections - Helium or Gravity? Valuing Common Stocks

As the U.S. stock market returned to its previous highs in recent weeks, a chorus of confidence predicted continuing gains. The historical evidence is not encouraging, since expectations are already incorporated into stock prices.

Reflections - The Coming Education of Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen’s recently expressed sentiments are praiseworthy but do not make for good monetary policy. This is likely to increase the odds of financial volatility.

Reflections - Better Late Than Never

Jeremy Stein of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently spoke on the subject of unintended consequences of unconventional monetary policy. The Fed thus begins to admit that the observations of capital markets observers have a point.

Reflections - Flowing into the Cracks

Central bank policy has been successful, if judged by its intent of promoting risk taking. But the resulting distortions turn up in unexpected places.

General ReView - Life Industry Net Investment Spread: Declining but Stabilizing

This issue of General ReView focuses on the "implicit" net investment spread estimated for the US life insurance companies and shows interesting trends and stories for the last decade for the industry.

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