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Reflections - Physics Envy

The Federal Reserve’s decision in September to continue quantitative easing at its current level was a surprise, inconsistent with experience, and even with the recent observations of one or more of its prominent members. It is also a mistake.

Insights into Cross-Border Insurance Regulation in Canada

The international risk management community is eager to understand how to buy insurance seamlessly, cost-effectively and in a compliant manner for multinational enterprises with risks in Canada.

Waste Adds $2.1 Billion to Workers' Compensation Pharmacy Costs, Express Scripts Reports

Unnecessary Use of Higher-Priced Medications Leading Cause of Waste; Lower-Cost, Clinically Equivalent Alternatives Would Save Billions for Workers' Compensation Payers

Reflections - Growth and Debt, Revisited

The discovery of an error in a seminal paper exploring the consequences of high debt levels has placed supporters of fiscal austerity on the back foot. But similar findings on the costs of high levels of indebtedness remain, so far, undisturbed.

Reflections - Inflation: Nescience, or “Nobody Knows Nothing”

Standing national stereotypes on their heads, the Japanese government has taken the mantle of lead risk taker. Neither they, nor anybody else, has any idea how this will turn out.

Reflections - Mandarin Snow Globe

Central bankers are talking more about the unintended consequences of their actions. Ebullient risk takers beware.

Reflections - First-Time Homebuyer Assistance 2.0

Private equity’s entrance into the single family home market coincided with the acceleration in home prices over the last year and a half. Early returns were impressive, but rising values and competition has had a self –limiting effect on returns.

Social Media: The Business Benefits May Be Enormous, But Can the Risks Be Mitigated

In less than a decade, social media, in many ways, seems to have “taken over the world.” This report discusses the risks and benefits of companies engaging in social media as well as solutions for addressing these risks.

Reflections - Beware Epiphany

Financial markets’ behavior is entering central bankers’ field of vision after long being ignored. This has the potential to change the rules.

Reflections - The Power of Belief

With their choices limited, the U.S. central bank has effectively made stock market inflation an instrument of monetary policy. The gleeful response of investors has produced valuations that are unattractive.

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