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Colors, Trademarks, Sports and Fashion

Can colors be trademarked? Colors and color combinations have increasingly become important in identifying the commercial origin of products or services around the world.

The 2013 Cutwater Asset Management Defined Benefit Pension Plan Survey

Cutwater conducted its second annual survey of defined benefit pension plans across the US to gain insights into the strategies, risk tolerances and intentions of plans as they face market uncertainty, low interest rates and depressed funded ratios.

Property Insurance Market Preparation: Leveraging Your Risk Control Information

Risk Managers typically get the opportunity to sit in front of a property insurance underwriter once a year to present the overall risk profile of their company. These meetings are focused on property risk control information to give the Risk Manager

For Public Entities Seeking Creative Coverage Solutions, Long-term Market Commitment is Critical

While the recent recession spared almost no market segment of the global economy, public entities in the U.S. have suffered more than most.

Reflections - History Ignored, Again

The Federal Reserve's largesse does, in the words of its own Jeremy Stein, "flow into all of the cracks". The result is elevated valuations, from Twitter to emerging market debt. This film has been run before.

Reflections - Helium or Gravity? Valuing Common Stocks

As the U.S. stock market returned to its previous highs in recent weeks, a chorus of confidence predicted continuing gains. The historical evidence is not encouraging, since expectations are already incorporated into stock prices.

Reflections - Mandarin Snow Globe

Central bankers are talking more about the unintended consequences of their actions. Ebullient risk takers beware.

General ReView - Life Industry Net Investment Spread: Declining but Stabilizing

This issue of General ReView focuses on the "implicit" net investment spread estimated for the US life insurance companies and shows interesting trends and stories for the last decade for the industry.

Reflections - Waiting for the Dog That Didn't Bark

Inflation is too low, say central bankers. But there are reasons that this may solve itself.

Reflections - Flowing into the Cracks

Central bank policy has been successful, if judged by its intent of promoting risk taking. But the resulting distortions turn up in unexpected places.

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