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Products, Programs and Platforms

Successful programs fill unmet needs in niche markets. By focusing on emerging trends, programs cultivate and drive innovation in the property and casualty industry

Express Scripts Unveils Comprehensive Fraud, Waste and Abuse Program for Workers' Comp Clients

New suite of Express Scripts workers' compensation services will detect and deter fraud in workers’ compensation prescriptions saving tens of millions of dollars annually.

Safety Forecast High Winds

Read how the Liberty Mutual Consulting Center helped select a wind tracker tool and mobile application to accurately and reliably measure wind direction, speed, and gusts.

Usage-Based Insurance Consumer Survey

U.S. consumers are overwhelmingly open to participation in usage-based auto insurance (UBI) programs, according to a recent Towers Watson

Social Media: The Business Benefits May Be Enormous, But Can the Risks Be Mitigated

In less than a decade, social media, in many ways, seems to have “taken over the world.” This report discusses the risks and benefits of companies engaging in social media as well as solutions for addressing these risks.

Approaching Cruising Altitude: You are Now Free to Move about the Economy

Cliff Corso, chief executive officer and chief investment officer at Cutwater, will regularly provide commentary on the marketplace offering insight into our investment philosophy and approach to the credit markets.

Managing Pension Assets in the Context of Risk Tolerance

Cutwater's approach to managing volatility and developing de-risking solutions for plan sponsors.

Reflections - Illusions of Control

The Federal Reserve's strategy has been to support consumption by inflating asset values. But the results are less predictable than those of conventional monetary policy. Recent events suggest that central banks may not be omnipotent after all.

General ReView - Life Industry Net Investment Spread: Declining but Stabilizing

This issue of General ReView focuses on the "implicit" net investment spread estimated for the US life insurance companies and shows interesting trends and stories for the last decade for the industry.

Punitive Damages: Examining the Unpredictable

Every company faces the possibility of paying punitive damage awards. The imposition of these awards, meant to “punish” a business for its conduct, is unpredictable and can threaten the very viability of an organization.

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