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Employer Associations: Leveraging Buying Power to Create Cost-Effective Employee Benefit Programs

In our latest free Spring white paper, we highlight what you need to know about employer associations and offer up a few case studies based on some of our past experience developing them.

Global Catastrophe Survival Guide: New Challenges to Casualty Risk Management

This paper discusses new challenges to casualty risk management and highlights the importance of developing effective global catastrophe management plans.

Safety Technologies In The Trucking Industry

In the not so distant past, it was only on television, in the movies or in our imagination that vehicles were equipped with artificial intelligence and able to drive by themselves.

Funding Employee Benefits in a Captive – A Risk Managers Guide

Companies for some time now have reduced the costs of their Property & Casualty (P&C) risks by utilizing a captive. Today, this alternative risk transfer technique is also available and utilized for funding employee benefits.

Cross-Border Challenges to Side A Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

This report addresses the complex challenges of identifying and underwriting a multinational D&O program and the difficult question of structuring locally compliant Side A insurance in conjunction with it.

Webinar: Change is Coming-Where will your Risk Pool be in 10 years?

With great progress comes great change. But as John Lilly put it, "Our only security is our ability to change." This especially rings true for the Risk Pools of the future.

Managing Pension Assets in the Context of Risk Tolerance

Cutwater's approach to managing volatility and developing de-risking solutions for plan sponsors.

Assessing the Value and Challenge of ERM Implementation

A “risk portfolio” represents the aggregation of risks, where risk is measured as variance in outcomes. A “risk source” is a condition yielding random outcomes that can be represented by a probability distribution. Understanding the portfolio effec

GRC Gets Around (The World - That Is)

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) works with various corporations to help them better understand their property risk exposures at site locations spread around the world. By understanding those risks, companies are able to properly manage them, mitigate..

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